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How Our Advisors Can Help You

When you invest, it’s good to know you have a team of professionals there to answer questions and help keep your investments on track. You can reach out to our Portfolio Advisors by phone or email anytime you want.

They help make investing quick and easy by:

Managing and making decisions for your investment portfolio

Monitoring and rebalancing your portfolio as needed to keep it in line with your goals and risk tolerance

Providing advice, answering questions about your portfolio, and offering general market insights


Our Portfolio Advisors can answer any questions you have about your RBC InvestEase investment portfolio, as well as general financial questions. Here are some examples of things you could ask a Portfolio Advisor:

  • How can I better balance all my financial goals and priorities?
  • My situation has changed—how can I update my investment plan?
  • What account type will maximize my tax savings and investment growth?
  • How is my portfolio risk impacting when I’ll reach my goals?

Our Portfolio Advisors make decisions for and manage the investment portfolio you hold in your TFSA, RRSP, FHSA or non-registered account(s). For example, we keep an eye on your investments and rebalance your portfolio as needed to help you stay on track toward your goals.

You are responsible for things like making deposits to your account(s) (which we invest for you), updating pre-authorized contributions if you have them and keeping track of your available contribution room (if applicable).

Your investment portfolio uses an asset allocation mix – a combination of stocks, bonds and cash determined by your risk profile – to help you reach your investment goals. As time passes, your portfolio may drift from the original mix (or target allocation) due to the relative performance of each asset class or because of deposits and/or withdrawals.

As a result, your portfolio may become unbalanced with too much of one asset class or too little of another. When this happens, RBC InvestEase buys or sells the required (ETF) units to bring you back to your original target allocation. Rebalancing ensures that your portfolio stays in line with your objectives.