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Annual management feeLegal Disclaimer 1

Pay a management fee of just 0.5% per year on your investment balance, plus MERs charged by the ETF manager.

Standard Portfolio ETF MERs (weighted average): 0.11%-0.22%

Responsible Investing Portfolio ETF MERs (weighted average): 0.18%-0.30%

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Important Things to Know

The annual investment management fee covers the costs of buying your investments, rebalancing your portfolio, and accessing our Portfolio Advisors. There are no surprise transaction or administrative fees.

Our annual management fee of 0.50% + applicable sales taxes will be billed monthly, based on your average Assets Under Management.

Start small or start big - it’s up to you. Your money is invested once you reach a balance of $100 or more, to allow you to start saving for your goals without having to save up thousands of dollars first.

For balances of $100 to $1499 we invest you in a “Small Balance portfolio,” which obtains similar exposure to the full Standard and Responsible Investing portfolios through the purchase of fewer ETFs. We offer a Small Balance portfolio to help get more Canadians off the side-lines and investing for their future. Our Small Balance portfolio is necessary because we do not purchase fractions of ETFs (these are also known as “fractional shares”), which makes the construction of a diversified portfolio more difficult for values below $1500.

When your account balance rises above $1500 we would transition it to a full Standard or Responsible Investing portfolio (which contain four to six ETFs) at no additional cost and no action required by you

Like mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have expenses related to managing the fund. These expenses are usually expressed as the Management Expense Ratio (MER), which is made up of the following costs:

  • Management Fee: The annual fee payable by the fund to the fund manager for acting as trustee and manager. This fee is the largest portion of the MER. It includes costs associated with paying the custodian and valuation agents, registrar and transfer agents, and any other service providers retained by the manager.
  • Operating Expenses: Other operating costs such as fees associated with complying with national regulations and the fees payable to members of the board of governors of the ETFs.
  • Taxes: Each fund is required to pay applicable sales taxes on management fees and administration fees charged to the fund.
  • Management Expense Ratio (MER): The percentage of a fund’s average net assets paid out of the fund each year to cover the day-to-day and fixed costs of managing the fund. The figure is reported in the Fund’s annual management report of fund performance. MER includes all management fees and applicable sales taxes paid by the fund for the period, including fees paid indirectly as a result of holding other ETFs.

The ETF MERs described above are different from the annual investment management fee of 0.50% that RBC InvestEase charges for its services.

You won’t need to pay any fees to withdraw funds from your account. You’ll only pay a fee of $135 + applicable sales taxes if you transfer money from your RBC InvestEase account to an account at another financial institution.

If you’d like to withdraw funds from your account, call 1-800-769-2531 and a Portfolio Advisor will help.

You’ll only be charged any outstanding management fee on a prorated basis if you close your account.


Legal Disclaimer
RBC InvestEase Inc. provides online discretionary investment management services. Other products and services may be offered by one or more separate corporate entities that are affiliated to RBC InvestEase Inc., including without limitation: Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Direct Investing Inc., RBC Dominion Securities Inc., RBC Global Asset Management Inc., Royal Trust Corporation of Canada and The Royal Trust Company. RBC InvestEase Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada and uses the business name RBC InvestEase. In addition, the RBC iShares ETFs in which RBC InvestEase Inc. clients invest are managed by BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited. RBC Global Asset Management Inc. and BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited have entered into a strategic alliance to bring together their respective ETF products under the RBC iShares ETF brand, and to offer a unified distribution support and service model for RBC iShares ETFs.

The services provided by RBC InvestEase are only available in Canada.