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You might be wondering how to determine which RBC InvestEase portfolio is right for you – Standard or Responsible Investing.

Good news! There’s no wrong answer. Both are low-cost, globally diversified portfolios that are professionally managed. There are some differences, of course, but we’ll help you make the right choice for you.

Our Responsible Investing portfolio will appeal to people who want their investment dollars to make a difference in the world. The investment process behind our portfolios begins by excluding companies involved in the business of tobacco, controversial weapons, and civilian firearms. In addition, companies involved in severe controversies are also excluded. Companies remaining in the investable universe are assessed on how effectively they manage their environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks. Our Responsible Investing portfolio emphasizes companies considered to be better managers of these risks versus their industry peers. You can dig in further to explore the investment process we use in greater detail here. We’ve selected an investment approach to Responsible Investing that we believe should not result in lower returns after fees versus a standard portfolio over the long term.

Our Standard portfolio is for those investors most interested in just getting started mindful of fees. While our investment process for these portfolios does not add an extra layer of risk management or exclude certain industries as is the case with our Responsible Investing portfolios, these are also low-cost well diversified portfolios that will help you reach your future goals.

Two portfolios, no wrong answers. Still not sure? Call or email an RBC InvestEase Portfolio Advisor who can help you decide.

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